wee squirl (yellarat) wrote,
wee squirl

this computer runs slow...

...i havn't been on for ages YET AGAIN. soon, i will have a WASHER machine and all will be EASY!

well, i'v fallan HEAD OVER HEALS in love with a wiggle pixi troll i found on the three network and i'm trying to win her over. i tyhink i'm winning hee hee

and that's what i've been doing most of the week, talking to her. and last month was realy didicult

but i FINELY managed to voice my feelings of isolation at the gay meeting this i atend today. so we'll see how that goes.

so i don't know what else to say. i will keep yee updated with regards to my flower no doubts and i will try to be on soon.

poems, drums and lucid dreams

tail hugz
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