wee squirl (yellarat) wrote,
wee squirl

yesterday i might have blown it with a moomin

this would be typical of my life to date.

maybe she fell asleep

today i went for a long<\i> walk. i was escaping from my nasty sw and went for an explor. the walk was wonderfull, i had i kip in a feild, huged a wonderfull big tree and met some cows, and got wrong directions from the nicest of couples

trouble was, i realy realy needed to be in a skirt, and only just have i found a charity shop in nailsworth so im off to box woods in a sec then home

a couple of nights ago i had a wonderfull dream that i were a Snail. without the slug part though the shell was alive. a yellow and black shell. this was to indicate transformation, into a beautifull, loved, little girl as aposed to an awkword, big, unexepted woman

and thats it realy, i only have a minute girl...
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