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A Fairy of Enchanted Forrests

wee squirl
10 December 1978
i am gay i am lesbian i am bi i am woman

i am pagan i am lycanphrobe i am otherkin i am furry

i am Yellow Rat i am nynthi i am green olive dragon i am feareposm

i am an artist a writer a superstar and a ballerina

in other words, i iz queer;~}


i suffer from depresion and am a zoophile;

'Zoo~' of animals\an animal or of the animal kingdom
'~phile' to have a strong love or conection, manafested either psysicly emotionaly or spiritualy, with a perticualer thing or group
'zoophile' a human, usualy, with a stronger than average conection with animals, or with a strong psysical, emotional and\or spiritual conection with animals.

this is in the dictionary. you can check. i am not a beastualist. though i do run a comunity hear called Pip_Squeak.

anyhoo, these things tend to rise constently in my posts and you can read them if you like.

well i think i've said enough. there runs a Mouse. click on her name and follow her tails.